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Our products are ISO, 3A & CE certified. All our extraction systems undergo rigorous testing. We produce custom closed loop extraction systems, sanaitary ss304 pipe fittings & accessories meeting the highest standards in the industry.

Lab Equipment

Extractor King supplies a wide array of lab equipment and supplies to meet all your needs.

Lab Equipment There are 140 products.


  • Distillation & Short Path

    Fractional distillation, often referred to as molecular distillation, or short path distillation, is a form of distillation used for the separation and purification of compounds. This is achieved by applying the concepts of evaporation and condensation, often referred to as distillation, in order to target specific “fractions” based on their varying boiling points. Extractor King offers a comprehensive line of glass short path distillation kits, parts & wiped film evaporator systems.

  • Centrifuge Extractors

    Microcentrifuges are designed for use with small sample sizes such as microtubes. Compact-footprint centrifuges are ideal for microfilter cell separations and HPLC samples. Units are electronic or handheld, and may have digital interfaces and refrigeration.

  • Laboratory Ovens

    The Vacuum Oven, and Forced air oven, are not only an essential part of every laboratory, but also integral to countless applications across varying sectors. From baking and food processing to aerospace and material testing, all the way to semiconductor and metallurgy, our ovens can be found across the world supporting researchers and processers alike.

  • Chillers & Heaters

    Liquid Recirculating Heater/Chillers are crucial for many laboratory and industrial processes. Applications can range from controlling reactor temperatures, to cooling condensers, assisting in automotive and materials testing, cooling down laboratory equipment, lasers, and microscopes, all the way to large scale machinery. Through the Across International brand, and our carefully selected partners, we have built a comprehensive catalog of safe and reliable temperature control solutions from -120C to +400C.

  • Rotary Evaporators

    Rotary evaporators are essential tools used for evaporation, distillation, and solvent recovery. Not only are they seen in research and process laboratories but are also utilized in food and beverage production. We offer models ranging from 2 liters up to 50 liters, all of which provide high distillation rates at an affordable price. For reliable and efficient distillation look no further.

  • Glass & Stainless...

    Reaction Vessels are extremely versatile in their applications, and crucial to sectors such as pharmaceutical production, research and process chemistry, botanical extraction and purification, as well as food production, and many others. Across International offers reactors ranging from 10 liters up to 200 liters, with stainless steel and glass options.

  • Filtration & Media

    We supply a large selection of media filtration and color remediation systems

  • Beaker Heaters

    400°C max. beaker heater with temp controller for all types of straight walled beakers. Beakers will be heated from the bottom and around the walls.

  • Bio Safety Cabinets

    A biosafety cabinet also called a biological safety cabinet or microbiological safety cabinet is an enclosed, ventilated laboratory workspace for safely working with materials contaminated with (or potentially contaminated with) pathogens

  • Balances and Scales


    Precision laboratory balances, also called top loading balances, are a form of scale designed to offer highly accurate results, within the sub-milligram range. Used for the measurement of small samples, precision balances provide an accurate, quick, and simple way of determining the weight of items such as particulate matter. Electronic precision balances offer a wide range of weighing capacities, with maximum capacities up to 64 kg.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 140 items